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03 January 2009 @ 10:11 pm
chapter 2: the line between reality and fantasy  
Author : mariegina
Rating : NC-17
Disclaimer : I ain't some old frail man who loves weird looking costumes x3
Warnings : Weird, random stuff. Might be gory for upcoming chapters.
Dedications : ♥catslove17eightroses
Chapter 1

He watches as more blood trickles out and he starts to pull along the handle, red spots staining the white carpet beneath his feet. They form a pattern and Tegoshi wonders if he should do something about it.

Too late.

He lifts his head and his hand stops in midair. It is at that very moment when everyone else walks back into the room and stands still, stunned. He looks up at them and smiles. And then he speaks.

"Ne, how does it look? It’s pretty, isn’t it?"


The day he wakes up is the day he realizes that things have changed. Nothing big, no, really. Just flitting moments that slip the mind, the times when he has his meals or visits the washroom. He sees, feels the stares that burn his back, but he doesn’t understand why.

Nevertheless, life goes on and today was- today is still, a fine day. He takes a bite of the donut given to him by Massu moments ago, who hurried, no, scurried off immediantely. He looks around the room to find Ryo and Yamapi huddled on the sofa, chatting softly. And then he sees Shige, sweat lining his forehead as he focuses on studying. Everything seems okay, normal to say the least.

What he doesn’t see are the odd glances, slight and quick, the distances, tiny and subtle ones. He also doesn’t notice the weird tones they take when they speak to him. Doesn’t notice hell of a lot actually, like how they don’t touch him anymore, how they just don’t want to.

To him, life was as perfect as could be.


There is a room filled with darkness and gloom. And he barely makes out the struggling figure backed against the wall at his side. Strangely, he can’t make a sound, can’t move. But he watches, simply watches in fascination as he realizes the figure is bounded, masked and his eyes- his eyes are filled with fear. He notes, conveniently, that the figure is naked.

He squints hard, so very hard. But he doesn’t seems to recognize him. And so he reaches out, tries to touch him. Just then, a shadow appears. It makes Tegoshi’s skin crawl, gives him goosebumps.

“I bought your favourite, ne?” the new figure brings up something, puts it in his face. The masked man simply shoves the figure, hard. The figure stumbles back in surprise.

“Why? Don’t you want it? Even after all the trouble I went through to get it?” The tone he takes is strange, uneven.

Tegoshi notes that the figure is smiling, the smile is menacing. “You know, you know, I’ll tell you what I’ll do.” His voice is sweet, like poisoned honey. “You’re gonna eat this, whether you like it or not. And I promise, you’re gonna love it.” The shadowed figure smirks, hands moving to lift and mask and shoves it down the other’s throat. Pieces of bun litter his face as the masked man resists. But it doesn’t matter. He kneels down to his side, fumbles in his bag, takes a bite and kisses the masked man with force. All this, Tegoshi notes, all this doesn’t make sense.

The masked man kicks and kicks, shoves with his body and tries to escape, but the lack of food and water has exhausted him. His movements slow down, bit by bit, energy leaving his body. And finally- finally, he stops moving. Tegoshi gasps sharply, voice lost in his throat and waits for a voice, a jerk, anything. There is none.

He lets out a shaky breath, fingers clenching his curled up body when he realizes that the man is dead and the murderer is out of sight. As if out of instinct, he reaches out, fingers tracing the mask. Lifting it off, he lets out a scream.

It is Massu.
Marieginamariegina on January 4th, 2009 04:59 am (UTC)

My fics go through various processes to come out clean looking. xD
hitomi♡eightroses on January 4th, 2009 05:00 am (UTC)