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18 January 2009 @ 03:48 pm
[songfic] she's got. bette davis' eyes  
Title: she's got eyes as blue as the ocean, darkness looming within. she's got bette davis' eyes
Pairing:tegomaki, yamaki
Rating: nc-17
Summary: he sees her eyes and he is smitten.
A/N: tegomaki. smut. ugh. don't kill me. D; mentions of pi, by the way.

her hair is harlowe gold,
her lips sweet surprise;
her hands are never cold,
she's got bette davis' eyes

the first time he sees her is a mistake, a slip of fate. he's had a bad day; work pressure building and the hell that his mates decides to be disconnected with the world on the same day. bah humbug. he's walking on the streets, mind wandering everywhere when something catches his eyes. his feet move on their own accord, following the mystical being into a place- a dark, musty..a club?

she'll turn her music on you
so you won't have to think twice
she's pure as new york snow
she's got better davis eyes

he looks around and there is no one - barely anyone, except for some man sitting at the bar, eyes glazing over... and he sees her, sees her body, sees her face. and her eyes. he tries to be discreet and pretends to be looking for someone, sneeking glances her way in breaks. wondering why he's so fascinated with her, he walks to the bar to grab a drink to be stopped by a hand on his shoulder- a female's. he stiffs up.

and she'll tease you
she'll unease you
all the better just to please

he tries to loosen up, turns around. he stops dead in his tracks. loses himself in those eyes, those beautiful irises that spoke of hidden pasts and nightly scavanges. but he sees something, senses something in them. they are a beautiful shade a blue, light blue, cerulean. he thinks he sees himself in her eyes, sees a whole lot of darkness. he shivers. the silence stretches on and they don't speak a word, don't look away.

she's precocious, and she knows just
what it takes to make a pro blush

the silence stretches too long and even tegoshi feels the need to pull away. to find himself in reality again.
"ahem, i'd like to have my hand back, miss...?" she's studying him still.
"maki. call me maki. and no, you cannot, sir." hands unbudging.
"..heh, i don't expect you do this to as a daily routine, do you?" he snickers, much to his surprise
"unlike you, sir, i do not stare at girls across the street and proceed to follow them around." she smiles, sweetly. it is unnerving. she lets go.
"...i-i don't know what you're talking about." he feels his face grow hot. oh shit, he thinks. oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.
"oh, really?" she inches closer, touches his arms. "hmm?" moves her hands up to his neck, face directly in his. "isn't this what you wanted?"
he watches her walk away, one step at a time. something coils up in him and he wants to do something, say something.

she's got greta garbo stand off sighs
she's got. bette davis eyes'

he runs. runs after her. pulls her back. she looks genuinely startled, and then she starts speaking.
"what? what else did i miss? did you want something else?" voice hinting elsewhere
"...i'm sorry for following you. it was my mistake." he's taken aback at his genuine tone.
"apology accepted...and...you know.. just call me maki." a smile tugs at her lips and he feels the urge to kiss them, ravish them till they turn red.
"okay, maki. the name's tegoshi." and they both let out a real smile. the first in the day for the both of them.

she'll let you take her home
it whets her appetite
she'll lay you on her throne
she's got bette davis eyes'

they end up talking throughout the day, drinks and opinions splashed acrossed the table, eyes twinkling at every word. eventually- after 10 rounds of martini shots, they get asked- escorted, to leave the club. looking at each other, they let out a hearty round of laughs. people on the streets look at them, faces saying it all. hmph, another pair of drunks. and before the sun even sets, too. tegoshi looks up and sees the sky. it's splashed in red and yellow and orange and he thinks it's the most beautiful sight he's seen. he looks down and finds her staring at him, eyes intent on his features and he wonders what this is all about.

she'll take a tumble on you
roll you like you were dice
until you come out blue
she's got bette davis eyes'

she winds up in his bed, skirt hitching up her thighs and he is mesmerized. she holds his hand, fingers entertwining, hers small in comparison to his. he feels his heart beat faster and looks her over. her cheeks flushed red and skin sleek with sweat. (they had been fooling around the city, going everywhere except home) it didn't matter that they had just met, barely one day of friendship and that he didn't know how she felt. right now, at this moment, all he wanted was to hold her in his arms, heart and soul. and that he did, pulling her up and into his arms, he hears her breath hitch, feeling pleased that he could surprise her, still. just then- just there, she moves her lips and whispers, breathes into his ears.

"take me. take me now or never touch me again."

she'll expose you, when she snows you
off your feet with the crumbs she throws you

they take it slow and steady, but it doesn't last. it doesn't take minutes before they start biting each other's lips, fingers fumbling around belts and buttons. their breaths mingle and mix, moans and sighs filling the room. they kiss and kiss and don't let go until they run out of breath, foreheads touching. they don't know where this is going, don't want to know. it complicates things, makes this- this fling official. so they close their eyes, close their minds and just touch. touch and kiss, getting under each other's skin as the moonlight filters into the room, their figures illuminated on the bed. he touches her hair, her neck; and then he takes her in. pushes with all he can but it's tight. illiciting a moan, he hears her gasp and that makes him more excited than he already is. she's so tight he swears he's gonna burst if he doesn't move; so he lowers his head to her ears, tells her. "maki, honey, relax. i can't move if you don't." and he wonders if this is all a hoax when she does relax and they move in rhythm, the smell of sex seeping into every corner of the room, bed and door.

she's ferocious and she knows just what
it takes to make a pro blush

he pushes in, slides out. tingles of pleasure hitting their body and then it happens. her fingers leave marks on his back, body arching as it washes over them. they are spent, tired; mind blown to pieces. he does what he does best and hugs her, kisses her head and tells her to sleep. he wonders if the voice he hears is real when he hears a mumbled thank you with a kiss to his neck.

all the boys think she's a spy
she's got. bette davis eyes.

he wakes up to an empty bed, a note on the side table pinned with a card. "maki horikita, executive, shueisha corp." behind it her number and he pockets it. picking up the note, he reads it out loud. "that was the best sex ever, dearie. ;) call me if you need another night like yesterday" signed with xoxo's and he feels a pang in his heart. ignoring it, he saves the number in his phone and folds up the note, pockets it. it truly feels like a dream. and he isn't ready to leave dreamland yet.

and she'll tease you, she'll unease you
all the better just to please you
she's precocious, and she knows just what
it takes to make a pro blush

he loses sleep for a few nights, thinking of ocean blue eyes haunted by darkness and moans that hit his heart and he doesn't want it to end. he wakes up in bed and tries her number. it goes to voicemail; yet again. and he knows, he knows just what it means and he tries to forget.

all the boys think she's a spy
she's got. bette davis eyes.

the day yamapi comes into the office with an empty suitcase, tegoshi senses that something is wrong. it is the day yamapi comes in with a twinkle in his eyes, talking about a sweet girl with blue eyes. he is heartbroken, soul incomplete. "she's perfect, an angel sent from heaven.. maybe we'll marry each other some day," pi says. he sees the happiness in the other's eyes and wonders if he should tell him that she's not the angel she seems. yet despite his aching heart, the happiness emitted from pi's actions move him. and he just lets go. "let go, tegoshi. just let go."" no. no. i don't want to. "don't you see how happy he is? how gloomy he's been since the other girl broke his heart?" so he smiles. he smiles and smiles till his heart is smashed into a thousand fragments.

"i love you, maki. i love you so bad. i love you..." dreams turning into nightmares, smiles turning into tears. and he is never whole again.
慈慇ai_no_himitsu on January 18th, 2009 10:20 am (UTC)
Re: finally :D

...smut. LOL I secretly indulge in smut fic.

What's your MSN and I will add you. Nao
Marieginamariegina on January 18th, 2009 10:21 am (UTC)
Re: finally :D
oh je. what have you done with our innocent souls XD

check your inbox. heh.
慈慇ai_no_himitsu on January 18th, 2009 10:28 am (UTC)
Re: finally :D
I think it was gone the minute we saw hip rolls and the touching and the... well, you get what I mean